Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Awareness Session – Qaraqush

In the framework of the continuous support for women and girls and the desire to raise awareness about  women’s rights, Baghdad Women  Association – through the staff of its  Listening and Counselling Center in Qaraqush , conducted an Awareness Session on women’s rights in the Personal Status Law and the Iraqi Penal Code , with participation of 25 women from the Nineveh Plain , within the project ” Enhancing The Strength And Resilience Of Women And Girls In Conflict-Affected Communities And Host Communities In The Nineveh Plain – Iraq” supported by the Lutheran World Union (LWF) ,  on March 26, 2019.

The session started by familiarizing the participants with  Baghdad Women  Association and the services provided by its  LC  in Qaraqush, followed by clarification of legal provisions related to  women’s rights in the Personal Status Law and the Iraqi Penal Code , assisted by Power point presentation . The session also discussed relevant subjects such as early marriage, forced marriage and marriage outside the court, with explanation of the Penal Code and the legal texts related  to crimes that endanger human life and the safety, freedom and infringement of the body. The session was concluded by discussion with the participants and answering their questions that were  raised  during the session.

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