Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

(Assess the process of Peace-Building and Social Cohesion)

Within the framework of the project (Support for stabilization in Hamdaniya district – Strengthen community resilience, enhance relations among returnee women and girls, enhance wellbeing and advance women and girls’ rights) supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Baghdad_Women_Association held focus group discussion (FGD) on Assessing peace building and social cohesion through the staff of Qaraqoush center for listening and guidance on November 6-7, 2019.

The workshop started by introducing BWA and the services provided by the listening and guidance center in Qaraqoush and the objectives and activities of the project. The session targeted 30 women, girls and men.

The session included a survey of participants on the concept of peace-building process and how to consolidate and activate peace to enable it to not be dragged into conflicts and not to repeat them again, which is based on the cooperation of several parties and work together, permanently and clearly defined to solve the difficulties and dilemmas facing the individual, whether humanitarian or cultural or Social and even economic, because these problems or one of them is the main cause of the outbreak of wars and conflicts throughout history.

The workshop also dealt with the concept of social cohesion, rules and purpose, and how to enhance social cohesion, find the weaknesses of the society and the challenges they face and find opportunities that will provide a safe environment to promote cohesion.

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