Psychological awareness workshops

Baghdad_Women_Association implemented psychological awareness workshops on how to cope with fear and stress during the current situation via groups on WhatsApp during May within the framework of (Reintegration Support for Women and Girl Returnees in Al Hamdaniya District and Seji Village) funded by Tearfund.

The workshop was attended by 40 women and girls divided in four groups aiming to aware women and girls about how to face fear and psychological pressure during the current situation and how to maintain social relations during COVID-19, as several points were discussed (the concept of fear _ psychological pressure _ symptoms Fear and psychological pressure – negative and positive effects of this current situation – ways of facing fear and psychological pressure during the current situation).

The main outcomes of the activity is that many women and girls shared their experiences of fear and how they faced it and the psychological pressures they experienced, as one of the beneficiaries stated that she went throught a state of panic during COVID-19, which made her suffer, but she did not give up and faced everything by making friends and contacting her, the beneficiaries also requested another awareness session on such important societal issues.

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