Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Initial meeting and introductory session with beneficiaries and their families

Baghdad_Women_Association staff of Qaraqosh counseling and listening center implemented a preliminary meeting and a briefing session with beneficiaries and their families in Alta’akhi Hall within the project of empowering women and girls returning in Nineveh Plain / Qaraqosh in cooperation with MSI and Re.Coded organizations on Sunday, November 17, 2019 .

The meeting included an explanation about the activities of BWA center and the services provided to women and girls in Al-Hamdaniya district. A PowerPoint presentation explaining the fundamentals of graphic design and photography skills which was presented by the trainers. In addition to the importance and objectives of Arab women speak out sessions were discussed with the participants and their families.

Finally, questions were asked by the trainers and the meeting concluded by discussing the division of morning and evening groups.

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