Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Women speak out sessions about women’s rights in the Iraqi Personal Status Law

within (Empowering women and girls returning in Nineveh plain /Qaraqoush) project, #Baghdad_Women_Association staff in the listening and counseling center in Qaraqoush implemented an awareness session on Women Rights in Iraqi Personal Status Law within women speak out activity at BWA center in Qaraqoush, in cooperation with MSI on January 29, 2020.

22 women and girl attended the session aimed at explaining the issue of women’s inheritance rights in Iraqi law, the risks and effects of the marriage outside the court, and how women should learn how to preserve their rights and the rights of women to marital life were also discussed as the right to eligibility in Iraqi law. Furthermore, the marriage contract and the legal conditions were also discussed through which they legally protect women’s rights. In conclusion, the participants shared their stories with us and how to avoid many situations that women are exposed to from exploitation in some cases of marriage and inheritance.

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