BWA distributed Karama kits for women and girls in Al-Hamdania district and Sije village during July

Baghdad_Women_Association continues its efforts to support women and girls and provide services to them, as BWA distributed Karama kits for women and girls in Al-Hamdania district and Sije village during July, aiming at preserving women and girls’ dignity, due to the deteriorating economic situation in the region, especially during COVID-19 curfew and its impact on families, within the framework of Reintegration Support for Women and Girl Returnees in Al Hamdaniya District and Seiji Village project, funded by Tearfund.

Eighty Karama kits were distributed to 40 IDPs and host community women and girls in Siji Village and 40 returnee women and girls in Al-Hamdania district.

The main outputs of this activity was the praise of all beneficiaries for BWA’s work in the region and the continued support of women and girls in all situations and understanding their needs to providing them, whether they are awareness sessions or their daily needs.

Thus, women and girls expressed their joy:

We did not have the money to buy these supplies because they are considered as a luxury, and we only buy food items.

The last time I bought these supplies was for my wedding.

Young girls get married because the family cannot provide and buy these supplies monthly.

We have a plenty of time to take care of ourselves, but we do not have the supplies for that.

As a result of these circumstances and their impact on our financial situation, I have not been able to buy these supplies despite of my urgent need.

Since I came to the village, Baghdad Women Association Center was and still the only place that cares about us financially and psychologically.

Some women also recommended increasing the distributing number so that the largest number of women and girls are covered, in addition to distributing these groups periodically (monthly) to fulfill their needs.

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