Awareness Session

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff at the Listening and Consulting Center in Dohuk held an awareness session on optimism and positive thinking within the project (Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women, Girls and Host Communities in Iraq) with the support of the European Trust Fund (MADAD) and UN Women on 22 September 2019.

The session, which was presented by social worker Dalal Aref, was attended by 10 participants with the aim of expelling negative thoughts and pessimism in life and expecting the best for a happy life, especially after the beginning of the new school year, optimism of success and entering the school with high energy, in addition to facing problems with patience and challenge and finding sound and quick solutions. To the problem and avoid absolute vocalizations such as impossible and can’t.

The outcome of the session is to know the importance of girls optimism and steps to make their ideas positive and confidence in their ability and achieve their goals without hesitation or fear and begin to change negative beliefs and left.

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