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Women speak out via WhatsApp

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff implemented Women speak out session online via WhatsApp within the project (Supporting the resilience of society and empowering Women and Girls returning to Nineveh Plain, Al-Hamdaniya District) with the support of Lutheran World Federation on May 5-6, 2020.

The sessions included topics such as encouraging women to express their opinion freely in society, and raising awareness of the importance of women’s participation in managing community affairs alongside men without fear or feeling shame, also, women are encouraged to participate in elections and participate in opinion within the family and with society. In addition to the second day, the session dealt with the topic of how the women maintains their health, and the importance of preserving health was mentioned as eating healthy food and avoided tension and pressure that affects the woman’s health and psychological side. As well as a discussion on early detection of breast and uterus cancer, care and examination before marriage and during pregnancy and childbirth in addition to caring for the psychological situation and learning motivational exercises as well skills that helps to relieve psychological pressure and tension.

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