Vocational training (sewing)

Baghdad Women Association implemented in Psychosocial listening and counseling center in Mosul for 16 women and girls of vocational training (sewing), for ten sessions.
ten sessions on the methods of designing and sewing women’s and children’s clothes, recycling old pieces, as well as methods for machine maintenance for its important role when opening small related projects, where women need creativity and innovation in the field they love in order to keep pace with the development in designs and have a successful project.
The women also expressed their happiness to participate in the training and the importance of these courses, which enable them to obtain their own resources and give them the opportunity to support themselves and their families. The training enhanced the acquisition of multiple skills, improved focus, taught the importance of patience and self-control, and changed the psychological state of the beneficiaries, as the feeling of accomplishment
It comes with their ability to make something themselves to relieve stress and pressure and provide a comfortable atmosphere during the session.

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