The opening of a new Psychological and Social Listening and Counseling Center at Baghdad Women Association

Baghdad_Women_Association inaugurated its new center for social and psychological listening and counseling for women and girls in Mosul governorate – Almasarif district within Promote Economic and Social Empowerment, Dignity, Well-being and Safety for Survivors of Sexual Violence during conflict promote economic and social empowerment, dignity, luxury and Safety for Survivors of Sexual Violence during Conflicts funded by Norwegian People’s Aid on January 26, 2020.

The center’s staff attended the inauguration, as its goal was to rebuild the capabilities of women to start a new life after the wars they were exposed to and the fear, exclusion and violence that they left against women and girls, which represents a various project activities such as (skills development and professional and educational workshops in addition to psychosocial support for women and girls), in addition to psychological support for men and boys in order to build a cohesive society that overcomes fear and deprivation in which women participate and have an effective role.

The inauguration included field trips, promotion of the center, coordination with government departments and civil society organizations, as well as visits by researchers to women and girls, and listening to them and the needs they lack to work on developing a plan for their implementation to advance a new reality for women and girls.

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