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#Baghdad_Women_Association implemented an online workshop about (concepts of managing the political process in the Iraqi constitution and the regulations of forming and operating parties) within the framework of Enhancing the Role of Women in Leadership and Decision-making project funded by Norwegian People’s Aid on June 10-12, 2020; as twenty participants of women activists, politicians, journalists, heads of CSOs and lawyers attended the workshop.

The trainer Dr. Bushra Zoini focused on reviewing Iraqi Contitution’s Legislations since 1925 until 2005, in addition to all the political concept of the last constitution such as (Inflexible constitution, complex country, Iraqi Parties Law of 2015, conditions for establishing the party, criteria for chairing the party, elections, dissolution of parliament, federal system, confederation system, media and political publishing, powers of the president and prime minister in the Iraqi constitution), including many practices.

The workshop was concluded after agreeing on keep working daily and constant communication between the participants and the project manager lawyer Rasha Khalid and the Trainer, in order to enhance women’s political skills.

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