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Political empowerment workshop (Political discourse and negotiation skills)

#Baghdad_Women_Association continue to provide support for women and girls Online, as its implementing many workshops and webinars for its teams that pressure decision makers to pass laws concerned with family and children within (Enhancing the Role of Women in Leadership and Decision-making) funded by Norwegian People’s Aid, the workshop was presented by the trainer Dr. Bushra Zoini, former MP, minister and former consultant for three days 23-25 April 2020.

The workshop included a detailed explanation of the concept of political discourse, its types, importance, stages of its formulation and goals in the first two days, in addition to practical exercises for discourses by politicians and journalists; the workshop continued with its second axis on the art of negotiation, its stages and types, and concluded with dividing practical duties for each participant to formulate a discourse text to identify strengths and weaknesses and to make concluding observations.

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