Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Online Closing Ceremony for the Graduation of Beneficiaries from the Graphic Designs & Photography…

The online final event was implemented by #Baghdad_Women_Association in cooperation with MSI and Re.coded for the graduation of the graphic design and photography training program, women speak out sessions and the speakers sessions within (Empowering Women and Girls Returning in Nineveh Plain / Qaraqoush) on July 1, 2020 via Zoom.

The event paying respect and appreciation to all whom worked to complete the project activities, including staff,, trainers and project managers, in addition to a presentation of stories narrated by the participants who talked about their journey within the program. At the end, the graduation grades were announced of each beneficiary, then giving them graduation certificates.

The beneficiaries also expressed their joy in reaching this stage and learning the necessary skills that will help them complete their journey and achieve their future goals. As they thanked all those who managed in the this program and spread awareness and provide support to them.

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