Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Cultural and experience exchange session

Within the framework of the project (Support for stabilization in Hamdaniya district – Strengthen community resilience, enhance relations among returnee women and girls, enhance wellbeing and advance women and girls’ rights) supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

#Baghdad_Women_Association conducted an awareness workshop on Culture and experience exchange through the staff of Qaraqosh Center for Listening and Guidance on 14/10/ 2019.

The awareness session starts by giving information about BWA and the services which is provided through the listening and counseling center in Qaraqush and the goal of the project, the workshop targeted 25 women and girls.

The workshop dealt with the concept of social cohesion, rules and purposes, how to strengthen it, finding weaknesses in society and the challenges they face, and creating opportunities that provide a safe environment to promote cohesion. Then the importance of cultural and information exchange between all components and spectrums was discussed in order to introducing each other and increase their knowledge of their society. the workshop also discussed the special experiences that would enhance trust between people and open up prospects for positive relations. Special experiences that enhance trust between people

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