Naser Area

Monthly Forum Meeting

Sarah Abdel-Kazim of #Baghdad_Women_Association staff attended the monthly forum held by the community police in the Husseiniya sector in the presence of the Mayor of the Zawra District, members of the Baghdad Governorate Council (Jassumah Al-Azrajawi and Thaer Al-Bahadly), and a number of district mayors, tribal sheikhs and public figures on December 23, 2019.

The forum included discussing the service reality within the Al-Zawra district and some of the problems of the regions represented by cutting off the empty lands. In addition to discussing harassment and trying to find out its causes and put solutions to it, the role of civil society organizations was also discussed within the Al-Zawraa district and the need to ensure that these organizations are registered with the NGO department.

We were also given the opportunity to introduce Baghdad Women Association and talk about its services and to address the problems of female students within the Al-Zawra district. The community police have expressed their cooperation to end the phenomenon of harassment to female school students.

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