Meeting with international, local organizations and government agencies

The aim of this meeting is to expand the services mapping for the exchange of services to beneficiaries, such as health, psychological and physical services, as well as legal services. The role of organizations and government institutions in expanding the services mapping is an important role in the Sinjar community, since there are some services that are not available in the organization or government institutions, so such meetings of service providers are to activate and draw the referral map, the reason for women and girls access to multi-sectoral services. Create safe spaces for women and girls to provide psychosocial support to help them face daily challenges. Raising awareness about the problems facing women and girls in the community and family in Sinjar district, reducing domestic violence in Sinjar community, as rural women are exposed to domestic violence as a result of the persistence of traditional customs regarding the role of women, there are many women and girls who have enough talents in the field of music and sports, but they aspire to expand their knowledge in order to use these skills in the future

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