Electronic Blackmail

To reduce this phenomenon of electronic blackmail and what are the things that should be avoided in order not to fall as a victim of electronic blackmail. staff of Sinjar Center – Baghdad Women Association in the schools of the Sinjar district carried out awareness sessions on the concept of electronic blackmail for women, girls, men and boys on (April 10 th, 17 th, 2023). The sessions included 139 beneficiaries, and the sessions included most important of which are social media, its pros and cons, electronic blackmail, electronic bullying, and what are the penalties imposed on the perpetrator, in addition to discussing the law of protection from electronic blackmail and the mechanism for reporting the blackmailer offender Educate women and girls about social networking sites and marginalize the customs and traditions that women and girls hesitate not to report the perpetrator and focus on legal procedures in the event that a girl or woman is exposed, and what are the procedures to prevent falling into the trap of extortion and things that must be taken into account when using communication such as the use of words Safe passage, choice of friends and copyright

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