Legal awareness sessions

To this day, the Sinjar community continues to suffer from a lack of civil documents due to the displacement that occurred during 2014 and they are still unable to submit their application to the service departments in Sinjar due to the lack of their documents. It came at the request of the beneficiaries and many recommendations for holding legal sessions. Baghdad Women Association held a legal session in cooperation with the Norwegian Refugee Council Organization, legal sessions and legal advice on legal issues (legal representation, legal advice, the importance of civil documents, civil status identity, Iraqi citizenship certificate, marriage contracts and proof of marriage, Hajj al-Qassam legitimacy and loss of guardianship) by a team of lawyers with the participation of 29 beneficiaries. The aim of giving legal sessions is to increase the legal awareness of the individual in terms of knowledge of legal information, as the individual does not commit legal violations because there is a person held accountable for his violating act, even if he does not know about these laws as an act of principle. Ignorance of the law is not considered an excuse. And there is also another goal is to deliver legal information so that the person knows the legal procedures in the courts and departments where it reduces the cost and effort

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