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Gathering of persons with disabilities in Iraq today hosted by His Excellency the Minister of Labour and…

Gathering of persons with disabilities in Iraq today hosted by His Excellency the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs , Dr. Nassar al-Rubaie – where hosting lasted about seven hours straight – during which we saw
Interviews Mr. Minister, as usual, on Wednesdays with citizens , mostly of people with disabilities and we have seen that the number who met the minister personally exceeded 600 people have listened sovereignty and with the specialized committees of the demands and needs of the Ma’aleh directs solutions have – Immediately after the interviews of citizens with the Minister – it seemed our meeting consultative with the presence of Mr. Ali Salloum leader , Deputy Director General of the Department with special needs – and offered to Ma’aleh match views with the vision of the ministry regarding the legislation of the new law , which concerns of persons with disabilities is under voting in parliament – also offered the sovereignty of consultation on the report for the end of the Arab Decade for Persons with Disabilities 2004 – 2013 – which played the Arab Organization for persons with disabilities a major role in the formulation and implementation mechanisms and monitoring what are the next steps of the obligations of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities – as we have proposed the formation of a team to continue with the ministry on Making of consulting and transfer liabilities General for people with disabilities – and the face of Ma’aleh respond graciously – He spoke of Ma’aleh ready ministry full tune with the needs and Liabilities and that are consistent with the powers and legislation – concluded the meeting after five in the afternoon with an expression of sincere thanks and gratitude to the positions of Minister of support and hospitality – and thank you very much for Professor Falah al-Yasiri member of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to coordinate and follow-up to the success of the meeting Excellence
With appreciation
Conciliator Khafaji –
The president of the persons with disabilities in Iraq


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