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Active Citizens project workshop ends in BWA Headquarter

BWA staff ended the 3-day workshop on the voluntary project of active citizens, funded by British Council, held in Baghdad Women Association from 8th to 10th of November 2015.

The workshop, attended by 19 participants, included various activities such as showing short movie on voluntary work, dividing the participants into groups to exchange of ideas on the methods that will be used during implementing the project, expressing the ideas discussed on volunteer work and so on.

The workshop concluded to the following: 1- successful women via raising their awareness & achieving their ambitions, 2- economic empowerment via sustainable projects opened in order to be supported, 3- vocational training via developing their capabilities & skills.

By the end of the workshop that left good impression on participants from both sexes who expressed desire to work voluntarily, certificates of participation were distributed for them, for their active participation & positive interaction for 3 consecutive days.

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