Legal and social awareness session

Within the framework of the project (Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls and Host Communities in Iraq), #Baghdad_ Women_Association staff in  Dohuk – Sije implemented a social legal awareness session entitled (the impact of social media on the individual and society) with the support of the European Trust Fund “Madad” and the UN Women on September 30, 2019.

The attendance of the session was 19 participants. Center lawyer Jihan Hussein, with the social worker  Dalal Aref , explained the aim of the session, which is due to the social and economic developments in the private lives of individuals. With the beginning of the new academic year how to use social media and the Internet properly in order to avoid the negative impact on their studies, in addition to introducing them to the Law on the Prevention of Misuse of Telecommunications Devices No. (6) for the year (2008).

The conclusions of the session included the statement of Article I, II and III of the Law on the Prevention of Misuse of Telecommunications Devices and the Acts defined by the Law as cybercrime and the penalties prescribed for the establishment of a civilized civil society on a sound basis in order to punish any person who abuses those devices and prevent them from affecting the freedoms of individuals and disclosure. Their personal secrets.

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