Awareness sessions

The awareness sessions included various topics, including (violence awareness – reproductive health – blackmail) for 76 women and girls, The awareness sessions on violence included deprivation of work, education and marriage of minors. The session facilitator emphasized the negative effects of them and how to change harmful habits and practices and ways to prevent violence.
Awareness of blackmail included clarifying the safe lines of the community police and the reporting mechanism
To reduce this issue and what should be avoided so as not to fall as a victim of electronic blackmail Reproductive health awareness was also implemented in cooperation with a specialized doctor to spread awareness about how to use family planning methods to maintain women’s health and the need to register in health centers.

The session aim to prevent and reduce violence in the family and the local community through the application of safe practices, the provision of services to reduce risks and the rebuilding of family structures in a way that protects individuals from violence.

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