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Combating Domestic Violence in International Human Rights Conventions

#Baghdad_Women_Association organized a webinar about (Combating Domestic Violence in International Human Rights Conventions) via Zoom by Professor Khalil Ibrahim, an international human rights researcher, on September 24, 2020.

During the webinar, several recommendations were made, including:

1. Conducting advocacy campaigns to pressure the passage of the Domestic Violence Protection Draft Law.

2. Create a booklet or brochure and distribute it to all government departments on women’s rights.

3. The regulatory authorities should have an effective role in these international agreements.

4. There must be a unified vision with international obligations and not fragmented.

5. Laws must be raised in society and must also be updated from time to time.

6. The issuance of special laws and activating the role of the judiciary to consider more comprehensively to keep pace with international standards of human rights.

7. The lack of institutional work, the agreement is made and then it’s cancelled.

8. The absence of a national mechanism to create unified pressure to pass rights and laws that concern women.

9. The need to investigate and legislate draft penal laws regarding the protection of women.

10. Preparing people to properly deal with the Anti-Domestic Violence Draft Law.

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