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A discussion session to present a study entitled (Captives) (A field social study of kidnapped Yazidis…

#Baghdad_Women_Association held a discussion session to present a study entitled (Captives) (A field social study of kidnapped Yazidis returnees in Iraq Within (Monitoring and Advocacy for the Implementation of Iraqi National Action Plan for UNSCR 1325) project supported by UN Women and Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF), on July 16, 2020 via Zoom, the session was attended by (47 participants) of NGO’s representatives, governmental representatives and activists.

Some of the session’s outputs were: 1. urgent need to amend Iraqi legislations to activate genocides punishments and some articles that exempt the rapist from the victim (impunity), 2. The need to start an advocacy campaign to put an end to genocides, un-humanitarian crimes and enforced disappearance in the legislative regulations. 3. The importance to have coordination between civil society organizations to provide needed services to Yezidi women and girls survivors. 4. Looking and investigating on women and girls who are still in captivity of ISIS. 5. Providing legal protection to Yezidis, minorities and all women.6. Dedicating a page in some newspapers to publish success stories of women survivors so that they would be a motivation to inspire hope for Yezidi women. 7. Yezidi women and girls are still getting threatens from ISIS. 8. Allocate salaries for Yezidi women and girls and bring their voices to the Iraq government and shed the light on their suffering. 9. Open an office for Yezidi survivors and their relatives to look into their affairs. 10. Children of ISIS file is still tricky and complicated due to the constant threats 犀利士 which their families are facing. 11. Conducting similar study that targets all women in the governorates who had been subjected to violence by ISIS. 12. Lobbying campaign on the Iraqi government to find out where the draft of survivor’s law has reached and that the law should be called the Yezidi Survivors Law. 13. Suggestions to change the study title from captives to other titles.

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