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BWA Annual Meetings

The annual meeting of #Baghdad_Women_Association was held in QaraQoush on December15, and in Dohuk on December19, and at the association’s headquarter in Ishtar Hall – Karrada on December 28, 2019 with the presence of the Association’s president (Liza Nissan Hido) and board members.

The meetings in the main office of the association and its centers dealt with the most important achievements that were achieved through the implementation of projects and programs of Baghdad Women Association, as well as the advocacy campaigns led by the association and the outcomes of conferences, research and multiple studies, which are an essential part of implementing the strategy of Baghdad Women Association for the years 2016 – 2020.

The solutions to the difficulties and challenges faced by the association during 2019 were also reviewed and found, in addition to following up the work and achievements of Baghdad Women Association units (projects writing, training, media, research and studies).

At the end of the meeting, a group photo was taken with wishes for a better future for all, and we continue to serve women and girls who need us the most.

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