Women rights

Women should enjoy the rights that guarantee them to live in freedom and dignity away from fear and exploitation, and these rights have been clearly stipulated in international human rights law through some agreements such as the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and women rights among Laws and policies established by each country to promote and protect the status of women. The International Rescue Committee organization, in coordination with the Sinjar Center – Baghdad Women Association, implemented an awareness session on women’s rights in the Sinjar district on April 10, 2023, with the participation of 16 beneficiaries. The session dealt with women’s rights to inheritance in Iraqi law, along with the risks and effects of marriage outside the court, and knowing how to preserve women’s rights. Women’s rights in married life, such as dowry and alimony, along with the right of eligibility in Iraqi law, were also discussed, in addition to discussing the pillars of the marriage contract and the conditions through which women’s rights are protected. legally Raising awareness about women rights

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