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Women are Justice and Peace Makers

The lawyer Rasha Khalid, a representative of Baghdad Women Association, which is member of the team “Women are Justice and Peace Makers” participated in a Coordinative Meeting held by the team at Iraqi Al-amal association on Tuesday 10th of August 2017. Which aims to give women a real role to be part of security and peace making to accomplish community peace in Iraq, as well as reaching feminist leaders to lead national reconciliation campaigns as they are an essential player of the campaign, the meeting focused on establishing peace initiatives and will hold a conference in Nineveh on 26th of August 2017 in Marhaba Hall, women’s delegations from all the Iraqi governorates will be part of it, during the conference a living testimonies of women who fought ISIS will be shown, and discussing the situations of all the entities during this period. The meeting was concluded by making an agreement of continuing the members to make response strategies for women after conflict.

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