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Training workshop about project proposal writing and peace-building

Batool Hussein and Sarah Abd Al-kadim of #Baghdad_Women_Association participated in a training workshop about project proposal writing and peace building provided by Mercy Corpse International Organization in Oyoon Baghdad restaurant from

November 30th to December 4th.

The workshop targeted a number of activists, members & presidents of different civil society organizations, it included various subjects such as how to write a project proposal and all the details that accompanies that such as preparing, searching and implementing workshops, in addition to the budget strategy and M&E plan, all that included practical training.

The workshop also included a training on peace-building and its various subjects such as violence and its types & concepts, conflicts and their analyses and ways of resolving them and all of that also included practical trainings for each subject.

The workshop was concluded by giving certificates to the participants and listening to their views about the workshop and the most important subjects.

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