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The second phase of AVP training

Baghdad_Women_Association The second phase of the AVP training started within the project “Advancing Peace Building and Reconciliation Through Inclusion and Empowerment of Women and Girls in Iraq” with the support of the Lutheran World Federation, which was implemented in Dohuk from 12-14 July 2019 The training targeted the same participants who participated in the training The first phase, so that this training will be completed and prepared for the third phase, so that the trainees will become facilitators for future training in August 2019.

The workshop covered various topics such as communication, peaceful conflict resolution, planning for the future, nonviolent methods, self-encouragement, as well it focused on eliminating ideas for negative and how to help spread this among the society to build peace between different ethnics and religions. In addition that the participants discussed the final training which will be carried out later according to the project plan.

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