Salah Al-Din

The fourth referral pathway meeting- Tikrit center/Salah Al-Din

Baghdad Women Association implemented the fourth meeting on “referral pathway” at the Legal and social listening and counselling center in Tikrit within the framework of the project ” Strengthening access to protection, participation and services to women refugees, Internally Displaced People IDPs and host communities in Iraq” funded by the European Union Regional Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis: EU ” MADAD ” Fund and in partnership with EuroMed Feminist Initiative  EFI on 28th April 2019. The meeting was attended by a number of local government representatives from the municipal council and local council, as well as a number of community leaders from tribal sheikhs, clerics and a number of civil society organizations. The minutes of the meeting dealt with several topics, the first of which was the definition of the Association and the services provided by the listening and counselling center in Tikrit and then opening the door for dialogue with the participants. The meeting ended with a discussion on the ways to develop the referral paths between the different parties participating in the meeting to provide the best services to women and girls.

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