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Supporting Mother Groupe

The sessions were implemented in September 2022 – Four groups, each group includes 10 women, a total of 40 women, each group attends for four consecutive days The sessions have included several topics, the most important of which are (what are the obstacles that the mother faces in dealing with her children, the problems facing the child, the basic needs of the child and the mother, a discussion on the role of parents in assessing the child’s personality, determining the basic behaviors of the child, determining the mother’s responsibilities, educational questions directed to the mother about how to deal with their children, the importance of a child self-confidence, the ways that affect the child’s confidence, and how a mother supports her child self-confidence) were the most adopted tools in mothers’ support sessions: open discussion, explanation of experiences, role-playing, video presentation, and motivational exercises, group formation, etc. The target group was strongly affected by the activity, Since many of the discussions focused on the mother and her children, the topics covered during the sessions had a significant impact on the reality of mothers. It was observed that the majority of mothers took the initiative to raise concerns about their role as a mother to their children, and try to hear the opinions of others about children, how to deal with them, mothers’ obligations, and family difficulties. At that time, mothers shared their struggles in life and their efforts to avoid negative impacts on their children, because they discovered that having the opportunity to participate in these activities supports the mother, helps her relieve her stress, and motivates her to continue despite the challenges.

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