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According to the project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls and Host Communities in Iraq” and within the grant activity in Baghdad Governorate in 2018, we provide one of the success stories achieved after the implementation of the project, which is as follows: The hero of our story here is a widow who have three children and lives in a rental house in the Nahrawan area of ​​Baghdad. It is known that these areas suffer from poor or lack of decent livelihoods in many cases besides the social obstacles that limit women’s activity in these areas. Since the early days of the implementation of the training for the management and establishment of projects, which began in July 2018, as she was keen to attend all the days of training to be included in the grant of economic empowerment by the Baghdad Women’s Association was the reason that redesigned the smile on her life.

The project of our heroine here in Fatah is a simple shop inside her home for selling women’s clothes. The project started and she supervised the process of building the shop step by step. She also worked in her hand despite the difficulty of working in construction for women. When asked about this, she replied (I must do this because I am responsible And a family must succeed the project because it is a precious opportunity for me and I have to work hard to make it successful) has been completed stages of construction and purchase of materials and opened the project.
The life of the lady has changed a lot and so did those around her who were impressed by her courage and joy in her success. Her project has grown tremendously and accelerated as a result of her high enthusiasm and desire for change. Consumers are hesitant to buy her goods and to motivate her to work. She has moved her story to others who want to rely on themselves. She has been a good role model and example for all women struggling in life’s harsh conditions. , As well as material assistance provided to a number of women.
I have always been in contact with the project team “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women, Girls and the Host Communities in Iraq”, which was the first support for her. Said : “You change my life, made me smile after forgetting the meaning of the teach other powerful that I never know the meaning of before ). Its project is ongoing and is in a remarkable development and is being pursued . In conclusion, we should note that the economic situation of Iraqi women , especially widows, and in the absence of suitable employment opportunities, the project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls and Host Communities in Iraq” is as lifebuoy for many women.

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