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Participation in the workshop “Innovating stimulating and attractive civic teaching tools”

#Baghdad_Women_Association participated in a workshop organized by the IRI in Erbil on 23-24 June 2019 under the title “Innovation of stimulating and attractive civil education tools”. The presence of a number consisting of civil society organizations and representatives of the IHEC offices A number of Iraqi provinces.

The objective of the workshop was to produce printed and illustrated sources for each civil awareness project for civil society organizations, which will be implemented with the support of the IRI in Baghdad and the governorates.

 With the creation of channels of communication between the IECI and civil society organizations

The topics of the workshop varied between the presentation of the constitutional and legal framework for the work of the provincial councils and their powers according to the law presented by Mr. Hazem Al-Ridini, a member of the Board of Commissioners. A representative of the Department of Mass Communication summarized the IHEC strategies in raising public awareness.

Mr. Al-Rudaini asked the civil society organizations to keep up with the work of the Commission and follow up with the purpose of writing the evaluated reports for the course of the Commission’s work to benefit the awareness of the importance of receiving the voter card and its role in the electoral process.

At the end of the workshop, the civil society organizations and the current eight provinces and through cooperation with the staff of the Commission to clarify the requirements of civic education and the establishment of real sources in separate groups and working with the staff of the International Republican Institute and graphic designers and Mr. Ray McNally.

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