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Meeting with the campaign team to develop a strategic plan, goals, and work plan for the advocacy campaign

The meeting was conducted on Oct 4th, 2022 with the advocacy team members, with the participation of 13 participants from different specialties (activists, lawyers, doctors), Where the objectives of the campaign and how to work in the future according to the work strategy to increase awareness to the concept of reproductive health were discussed, and important general concepts about the campaign related to the differentiation between the two concepts (mobilization and advocacy) were discussed. Future tasks of the campaign team and the decision-makers and stakeholders that will be targeted in the advocacy campaign, and what are the most important issues that need to be focused on in the work of the campaign team related to SRHRs that affect women and girls in the community The activity aimed to develop different strategies to influence the decision-making process at the organizational, local, and national levels and to rely on specific and short-term activities to reach a long-term vision for change.

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