Meeting of the Directorate of combating violence against Women in Dohuk

Two representatives of #Baghdad_Women_Association (Jihan Hussein and Zozan Muhammad) from the staff of the Listening and Guidance Center – Duhok attended the monthly meeting of the organizations in the Directorate of Combating Violence against Women in Duhok Governorate with the supervision of the International Population Organization on January 15, 2020

The meeting was attended by a number of local and international organizations aiming at discussing the new projects of the year 2020 for the organizations and their work areas, Mr. Aram, the Director of the Directorate of Violence against Women started the meeting with a thank you speech for the efforts of the organizations that carried out multiple campaigns for the 16-day campaign and the importance of coordination between the organizations inside and outside the camp, as well discussing new projects that organizations will work on for the year 2020, in addition to the importance of coordination between the attendance of organizations to cover the largest number of beneficiaries, diversity in places and different activities. The representative of the United Nations also focused on the importance of organizations’ participation in assessing the needs they carry out in their regions in order to be able to help each other to obtain projects related to the required needs.

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