Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Final follow-ups and interviews with the beneficiaries online by the trainers and Baghdad Women..

#Baghdad_Women_ Association continues to provide its services and follow-up online with the beneficiaries within the project of the (Empowering women and girls returning to Nineveh Plain/Qaraqoush) in cooperation with MSI and Re.Coded from 1 / May / 2020 and will continue until the end of May 2020.

The follow-up included implementing the final interviews and communicating with the beneficiaries by the graphic design and photograph trainers to know the beneficiaries’ plans after the project ended. some of the questions where about knowing their responses during the trainings and sessions they received and the achievements they reached, as well as the challenges in addition to these interviews gave an important incentive to the beneficiaries and encouraged them about how to find job after their graduations from the project. Furthermore their future aspirations and the ability of trainers to help them to find jobs and follow-up with them about marketing their designs were discussed as well the improving of their CVs will be done with the participants. In addition, some of the participants focused on photography, the second group focused on graphic design, and the third group focused on digital marketing. Also, the social workers continuously communicate and provide psychological support for women and continue to follow up with them via phone call regularly.

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