Early marriage

Early marriage makes girls more vulnerable to health risks and death in early pregnancies. It also makes them vulnerable to social isolation, cancels their childhood, and deprives them of education. staff of  Sinjar Center – Baghdad Women Association in the schools of the Sinjar district carried out awareness sessions on the concept of early marriage for women, girls, men and boys on April 10 th, 17 th,26th  2023 with the participation of 171 beneficiaries. The sessions include the economic, social and cultural reasons for early marriage, the attitudes and beliefs that lead to early marriage, the effects of early marriage (health, social and economic) and the negative repercussions on the health of girls when early marriage. Awareness had a positive impact on the participants, and the sessions helped educate them about the dangers of early marriage to girls’ health They expressed their thanks and appreciation to Baghdad Women Association and the importance of such sessions, especially for young girls who get married at an early age, which makes them bear more responsibilities than their energies. They suggested that these sessions be more comprehensive and reach the largest number of young girls in Sinjar.

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