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Dialogues to resolve the conflict and peace-building

That is what the Lawyer Haneen Mohammad in BWA said after implementing a dialogue on resolve conflict and peace-building carried out by BWA for a group of displaced families inhabit Bayader School in Sadr City:
they’ve turned their tragedy into a funny story and they were laughing when they talked about (bathroom), they are 15 families using one bathroom which is busy all the time, and each one of them started by blaming the other for staying long time in the bathroom and keeping the others waiting , and we tried to link their subject with the workshop topic about how to resolve the conflict, some women said  that ((all our problems are caused by the bathroom but we restore to our old woman to help us resolve the problem ….))
Haneen talks sadly saying:
I will never forget the sight of a child who holds a nylon bag and playing with it like if it was his toy that he left in his original house….
I will not forget the sight of men and women smiling, and trying to forget their misery for a moment….
I will never forget their eyes that reflect their hope and dream when I told them that they will return to their homes someday

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