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Baghdad Women Association participates in the controversial held by Iraqi Al-Amal Association within…

Lawyers Rasha Khaled, Mona Mohsen, and Community Support Officer Sara Abdul Kadhim, representatives of #Women_Baghdad_Association participated in the controversial session carried out by the Iraqi Al-Amal Association as part of AlNamaa project and in cooperation with the High Commission for Human Rights, at the Office of the High Commissioner on September 28, 2019.

The session was attended by Member of the High Commission Mrs. Fatina Al-Halfi Mr. Sa’aran Al-Aajibi, member of the Security and Defense Committee and a representative of the Saairon party, Mr. Hatif, a representative of studies and researches in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and Ms. Vian, a representative of civil society organizations. The session was facilitated by Ms. Amal Kabashi, whose debates were held between those who supported the adoption of the draft law against domestic violence and those who opposed it. Meanwhile, both sides gave reasons for acceptance and justification for refusal and between persuasion and persistence.

The session concluded with opposing views without reaching a consensus formula to pass the draft law against domestic violence.

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