Baghdad Women Association makes a visit to Mosul Center for Nineveh Court

A team from #Baghdad_Women_Association’s Social Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul represented by Mrs. Marwa Mahmoud and Mrs. Israa Azhar, visited the Women’s Empowerment Department in Nineveh Governorate Office, where the team met with the Director of the Women’s Empowerment Department Mrs. Rafia Muhammad to discuss prospects for cooperation in the file of reducing violence against women, and discuss the reality of women in Nineveh, activities and support provided by Baghdad Women Association to women and girls in Mosul, and the importance of cooperation with the Women’s Department to improve the status of women and girls. Among the most important outcomes of the visit is the focus on the role of women in all fields and to cooperate on providing a better support for families, especially those headed by women.

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