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awareness raising sessions on hygiene & environmental issues

On Thursday, 18/5/2023, the Baghdad Women Association carried out an awareness session on hygiene and environmental issues for the flourishing together project the number of women and girls was 10 beneficiaries of the polarized street The content of the activity and the topics were:

  • The role of human in preserving the environment and contributing to its change.
  • The difference between climate and weather.
  • What is climate change?
    -How human activities affect the climate and the environment.
  • What is the solution .
  • Steps to decompose the environment. Climate mitigation and adaptation.
  • What are the alternative solutions?
  • Some practical ideas for implementation
  • After examples of recycling. Awareness about the environment and its importance in the world and how to preserve it to overcome and mitigate disasters and high temperatures to maintain the safety of humanity from disasters and pollution.

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