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Social and recreational activity

Baghdad Women Association, within one of the activities of the Listening Psychosocial and  Legal Counseling Center Al-Khalidiya, implemented a social and recreational support session for women in the presence of 12 participants at .

This activity is considered one of the socially acceptable recreational activities that meet the individual and social needs of women. The session brought They have fun and happiness through clear interaction, where they played the game “Al-Muhaibis”, which is a popular game that was well received by women amidst the enthusiasm and smile of victory. After that, competitions were held in the manner of questions and answers, and the questions were educational and entertaining, which achieved great interaction and improved the psyche of women in a better way.

Providing social, recreational and educational support to women survivors of gender-based violence, promoting more effective communication, and providing a safe environment to provide gentle guidance and closer care for them. And they become more able to express their opinions, experiences, and even their frustrations through play, entertainment, and entertainment, which is a wonde威而鋼 rful opportunity for a safe and comfortable meeting between them.

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