Anbar - Alkhalidiyah

organizing career guidance programs to provide employability skills and advice on how to seek employment; and linking women/girls at risk or affected by gender-based violence to the labor market.

The staff of the Baghdad Women Association implemented and within the project (Strengthening the protection environment for women and girls at risk or affected by gender-based violence in the context of Covid-19 in Anbar (Ramadi, Khalidiya, Khalidiya Island) and the Nineveh Plain (Qaraqosh, Bartella, Karmlis) with the support of the United Nations Trust Fund To end violence against women and in cooperation with the Lutheran World Federation) Two trainings on organizing vocational guidance programs to provide employment skills on how to search for job opportunities and how to create a resume and others to link women/girls exposed to gender-based violence to the labor market 18, 25 May 2023. The first training was carried out in Anbar / District of Habbaniyah, and the second in Anbar / Ramadi – Department of Preparation and Training of the Directorate of Education of Anbar. The activities targeted 40 women and girls from Anbar. Increasing the information and experiences of women and girls on how to write resumes and conduct job interviews, as well as how to search for job opportunities. Vocational guidance training helps how to search for employment services that focus on enhancing the knowledge of female graduates in the labor market and responding to the needs of companies or institutions that provide job offers and contribute to achieving economic priorities to obtain a source of income and learn how to write a resume in a professional manner and market skills and experience among employers the job

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