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Meeting with community leaders in Karbala Governorate on conflict prevention and the importance of involving women in conflict resolution mechanisms.

The identities of the social groups that attended the meeting from the notables of Karbala governorate varied, including sheikhs of tribes, religious leaders (in black turbans), the community police, the education and media sectors, and representatives from the holy shrine as well. The meeting has implemented in Karbala Governorate on 14 August  2022, with the attendance 13 of government agencies representatives.   

Meeting topics:

– gender based violence concept
– Conflict (types and basics of its resolution)
– Peace concept
– mediation- negotiation

The aim of the meeting was to create an opportunity to empower and engage societal mechanisms with local authorities to enhance social cohesion and adopt the issue of peaceful conflict resolution away from abuse and violence, especially issues that concern women, including the sacrifices made by women and girls as a result of a tribal or religious community reconciliation that is at the expense of women, taking from her right and making her the victim. This prompted us to adopt with the partners important strategies characterized by convictions based on human rights and far from intolerance, extremism and hatred.

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