Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

workshops on Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Baghdad Women Association staff in the psychological and social listening and counseling center in-Qaraqosh implemented six awareness-raising workshops on Gender Based Violence (GBV) during three months (December, January, February) to 34 men and boys and 75 women and girls, as well as two training courses to teach computer skills and English language for 30 women and girls. During the same period, Women Speak out sessions for 11 women and girls and two volunteer workshops on (how to write CV, how to apply for jobs, and process of interviews) as well as about (self-esteem and the importance of enhancing self-confidence) for 30 of women and girls were completed, psychosocial support was provided to 64 women and girls within the framework of (Enhancing Community Resilience and Empowerment of Returnee Women and Girls in Nineveh Plain, Al-Hamdaniya district) funded by Lutheran World Federation (LWF). All activities were aimed at empowering the participants, increasing awareness and information, developing skills and abilities regarding the topics raised, and providing a safe environment for women and girls in which they could express their opinions and ideas comfortably and without fear.

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