Within the project to promote health, dignity and security for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence affected by the conflict with the support of the Norwegian People’s Aid at the Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul, August 2021

Baghdad Women Association supports women and girls in all circumstances, and with the increase in injuries and the lack of awareness about the vaccine, the awareness sessions about the vaccine intensified in order to preserve the safety of women and girls
The staff of Baghdad Women Association, at the Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul implemented during August Within a project of the promoting the wellbeing Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV survivors within the support of )NPA( many activities, including :Vocational training (first aid) for 12 women and girls, 8 advocacy sessions for 11 women and girls, 4 social support sessions for 10 men and boys, and 6 awareness sessions on various topics including (gender-based violence, reproductive health, legal advice, HIV prevention) For 72 beneficiaries, women and girls.
The first aid sessions included various topics, including (vaccine, poisoning, burns, drowning,
Asphyxia, resuscitation, coma, gnawing, wounds)
Where these sessions aim to save the lives of the injured, reduce the risk of injury and prevent complications until the arrival of medical services. These sessions were implemented according to the desire of the beneficiaries and the increasing demand to implement such courses to encourage them to integrate into society and preserve their lives. As for the awareness sessions that dealt with forms of violence, its causes and proposed solutions to mitigate It aimed to spread family awareness and the importance of compatibility and understanding between family members and
emphasizing the value and importance of women in society, and some sessions were devoted to raising awareness about how to prevent the virus and emphasizing the importance of the vaccine to reduce cases of infection, and the advocacy sessions were aimed at building a network between participants and making a change in the lives of individuals and enabling women to be decision makers Influencing the community by formulating messages addressed to the targeted people to achieve self and public interest.

In addition to the implementation of the activities, the project manager worked to provide training for the team to build capacity, exchange information, and allocate training for volunteers to develop their competencies and improve the quality of services that could be provided.

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