Anbar - Ramadi

Volunteer Activity

Within Project connecting Voices and Action to End Violence against Women and Girls in the MENA Region Supported by Oxfam. Listening psychosocial and legal counseling center -Ramadi

Implementation of voluntary activity by the project staff, the activity included health awareness session for children, the importance of education, the harmful of bullying, and how to avoid it.
As well as, Within 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, in cooperation with BROB Organization for women. The activity included an introduction to 16 days of Activism, with a session on gender-based violence and entertainment exercise expressing the fight against violence against women and girls.
In addition, implemented activity by collaboration with the Seven Sanabel Organization (SSORD) in Ramadi, by distributing stationery and school bags to more than 50 children at the listening and counseling centers-Ramadi.

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