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Training Workshop

Baghdad Women Association conduct a training to improve its staff capacities of Baghdad – Erbil – Dohuk – Nineveh Plain, to implement a training workshop on the topic (capacity building on the monitoring of gender-based violence) on April 25, 2019 provided by the Ms. Khadija Zahran from Palestine and for a continuous three days in Erbil
The Training starts by the exercise for the attendance participants, and the training topics and vocabulary has included the concept of violence and its types and coronet, the difference between gender and sex, and the second day has begun the definition of monitoring, types, methods, and the most prominent of a mechanism followed in the monitoring process, and she explained the agreement of women rights.
On the third day, it was reviewed in the previous two days with a practical application in the work groups on selecting a specific subject for monitoring and indicating the sequence of the monitoring process followed by the definition of the most common types of reports and the differences between them and to improve a clear concept about the violence and monitoring process.

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