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Training on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 for women’s empowerment departments in Najaf Governorate

Najaf Governorate

Date:16-17 Oct 2022

Participants: 21 participants (21 Women)

Training topics:

  • The concept of GBV and its link to UN Resolution Security Council 1325.
  • The impact of gender-based violence on women, families, and society.
  • The difference between sex and gender
  • Analysis of the causes and factors leading to GBV
  • Life roles between the sexes.
  • The concept of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on (Women, Peace, and Security)
  •  Cornerstones, and priorities of UN Security Council Resolution 1325
  • Provisions and contents of UN Security Council Resolution 1325.
  • The second national plan for UN Security Council Resolution 1325
  •  Lessons learned from the previous implementation of the first national plan for UN Council Resolution 1325.
    Finding out if the women’s empowerment departments in the Najaf governorate have started implementing the national plan as they are a partner in it. Take in the necessary measures in issues related to women’s participation in decision-making and peace processes, the integration of gender, peacekeeping, and women’s protection in training. and integration of gender in all institutional systems. Include the issues related to peace and security from a gender perspective in the agenda.

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