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Training on Gender-based violence, its causes, and the importance and usefulness of involving women in ending conflicts and peace-building mechanisms

BWA implemented a training addressing GBV in Karbala governorate from 4th to 6th Oct 2022. 11 participants (2M/9F). The identities of the social groups that attended the meeting included activists CSOs’ staff, and women empowerment department staff Training topics:

–  GBV concept.

–  Conflict (types and basics of its resolution).

–  The difference between conflict, crisis, and war.

– The role of women in peace processes.

–  Ways to enhance the role of women in ending conflicts, and peacebuilding

This training aimed to increase understanding among community leaders in Karbala governorate regarding the importance of involving women in preventing conflict in their communities to enhance social cohesion, and address the issue of peaceful conflict resolution without any abuse or violence, especially issues that concern women, including the sacrifices made by women and girls as a result of a tribal or religious community reconciliation at the expense of women, making her the victim. This prompted us to adopt alongside the partners; important strategies based on human rights and far from intolerance, extremism, and hatred.

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